Saturday, February 7, 2009

Managing Software Requirements A Use Case Approach Second Edition

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Managing Software Requirements: A Use Case Approach, Second Edition
By Dean Leffingwell, Don Widrig   

        Chapter 1.  The Requirements Problem
        Chapter 2.  Introduction to Requirements Management
        Chapter 3.  Requirements and the Software Lifecycle
        Chapter 4.  The Software Team
        Chapter 5.  The Five Steps in Problem Analysis
        Chapter 6.  Business Modeling
        Chapter 7.  Systems Engineering of Software-Intensive Systems
        Chapter 8.  The Challenge of Requirements Elicitation
        Chapter 9.  The Features of a Product or System
        Chapter 10.  Interviewing
        Chapter 11.  Requirements Workshops
        Chapter 12.  Brainstorming and Idea Reduction
        Chapter 13.  Storyboarding
        Chapter 14.  A Use Case Primer
        Chapter 15.  Organizing Requirements Information
        Chapter 16.  The Vision Document
        Chapter 17.  Product Management
        Chapter 18.  Establishing Project Scope
        Chapter 19.  Managing Your Customer
        Chapter 20.  Software Requirements—A More Rigorous Look
        Chapter 21.  Refining the Use Cases
        Chapter 22.  Developing the Supplementary Specification
        Chapter 23.  On Ambiguity and Specificity
        Chapter 24.  Technical Methods for Specifying Requirements
        Chapter 25.  From Use Cases to Implementation 
        Chapter 26.  From Use Cases to Test Cases 
        Chapter 27.  Tracing Requirements 
        Chapter 28.  Managing Change 
        Chapter 29.  Assessing Requirements Quality in Iterative Development 
        Chapter 30.  Agile Requirements Methods 
        Chapter 31.  Your Prescription for Requirements Management 
        Appendix A.  HOLIS Artifacts 
        Appendix B.  Vision Document Template 
        Appendix C.  Use-Case Specification Template
        Appendix D.  Supplementary Specification Template
        Appendix E.  Requirements Management in the Rational Unified Process
        Appendix F.  Requirements Management in the SEI-CMM and within ISO 9000:2000


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